India & Test Cricket

Why is the Indian media so angry about the loss of India in England in the test series. India has been beaten comprehensively in the three tests. No excuses for that. England has deservedly become the numero uno in Tests. But really, who cares for Tests these days. In these days of One Dayers and T 20s, tests are long forgotten. I am sure many of the cricket pundits will not like what I am saying, but spare a thought for the here and now. In this age of instant gratification, who has the patience to sit through a 5 day match and watch either one team pumelling another or playing out a meandering draw! Agreed, that tests are the real test of a player’s capability. But, where is the relevance. Who goes to watch a test match? In the sub continent – nobody gives a damn. There are sparse crowds and sometimes the organizers give away free tickets to school students to give the impression that they have atleast a small crowd! Whom are you kidding?! The only places, where Test cricket is still seen with some enthusiasm is England & Australia. In these countries – a day at the Test match is a day out for some fun, for some sun bathing and for some beer. In India, a day at a Test match means bearing the brunt of the hot sun and watch some boring match, if you don’t have anything better to do.

If the Asian countries, esp India, stop paying any attention to Test cricket, it will spell its doom! I hope that we wake up to the realities and adopt to the changing demands of the game. Please reduce Test matches and increase the one dayers and T 20s. If the Boards of the respective countries don’t wake up to this reality, they will lose and will not know what hit them.


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